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Call or stop in for a rate quote on Home, Auto, Health, Life, Medicare Supplements, Farm, or Business."> <META NAME=KEYWORDS CONTENT="Neligh Nebraska, Neligh Insurance, Antelope County Insurance, Home Insurance, auto insurance, Health Insurance, Major Medical Insurance, Hospital Insurance, Business insurance, farm insurance, crop insurance, Medical Bills, Drug Coverage, Health Coverage, Group Health Insurance, Blue Cross, Assurant Health, Low Cost health insurance"> <STYLE TYPE="text/css"> <!-- H2 { color:#2B3856; font-size:30pt; font-style:italic;display: inline; } H3 { color:#2B3856; font-size:40pt;font-weight:bold; font-style:italic;display: inline;font-variant: small-caps; } H1 { color:brown; font-size:16pt;display: inline; } H4 { color:#2B3856; font-size:20pt;display: inline; } H5 { color:#2B3856; font-size:10pt;display: inline; } H6 { color:red; font-size:14pt;display: inline; } .resources A { font-family:sans-serif; font-size:12; text-decoration:none; color:white; font-weight:bold; } --> </STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY CLASS="resources" BACKGROUND = "http://nielsenins.net/background.gif"> <TABLE BORDER="2" BORDERCOLOR="darkblue" WIDTH="400px" CELLPADDING="1" ALIGN=center bgcolor="#2B3856" STYLE="text-align:center"> <TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net">MAIN PAGE</a></td> <TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/aboutus.html">ABOUT US</A></TD> <td><a href="http://nielsenins.net/contactus.html">CONTACT US</a></TD> <TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/quotes.html">QUOTES</A></TD> </table> <br> <DIV ALIGN=CENTER><H3>Nielsen Insurance Inc. <img src="http://nielsenins.net/windlogo.gif"WIDTH=40 HEIGHT=56></H3><br><H1>409 Main Street &#9830; Neligh, NE 68756 &#9830; Office 402-887-5402 &#9830; Toll Free 800-454-5402 &#9830; Fax 402-887-5403</H1> <BR><br><H1>407 North Main Street &#9830; Valentine, NE 69201 &#9830; Office 402-376-1865 &#9830; Fax 402-376-1866</H1><BR><BR> <H4>All Forms Of Insurance</H4><br></DIV> <TABLE BORDER=2 BORDERCOLOR=#2B3856 CELLPADDING=2 ALIGN=center bgcolor="white"> <COL WIDTH="100px" col height="100px"> <COL WIDTH="250px" col height="100px"> <COL WIDTH="4px" col height="2px"> <COL WIDTH="100px" col height="100px"> <COL WIDTH="250px" col height="100px"> <tr><TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/home.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/home-banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>Protect your house and personal property with the right home insurance coverage. You've worked hard for what you have and we'll make sure you have the insurance policy that meets your life and needs. Ask us for a quote and we will make sure you get all the many discounts you may be entitled to.</H5></TD> <td><img src="http://nielsenins.net/wind-period.gif"border=0 WIDTH=20 HEIGHT=28></Td> <TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/health.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Health-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>Due to the rising costs of healthcare and recent reforms, it's important to review your coverage annually. Individuals and families who don't qualify for ACA tax credits may want to see if the formation of a small group is an option. Other short term options may exist as well.</H5></TD></TR> <TR><TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/auto.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Auto-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>See how much you can save on reliable, affordable car insurance. The rates you pay can vary widely depending on the insurance company. It pays to shop around and that's what we do because we work for you! Give us a call or stop in for a free no obligation coverage comparison.</H5></TD> <td><img src="http://nielsenins.net/wind-period.gif"border=0 WIDTH=20 HEIGHT=28></Td> <TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/medicare.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Medicare-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>Much lower Medicare Supplement rates are now available due to recent Medicare changes. Call now to find out how much you could save without losing benefits. We can also check to make sure you have the best Part D Drug Plan based on your prescriptions.</H5></TD></TR> <TR><TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/farm.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Farm-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>Nielsen Insurance understands the unique needs of farmers and ranchers. Whether you run a small or large operation, whether you raise crops or livestock, or whether you own or rent, we can tailor a plan to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more about available Farm and Ranch coverage.</H5></TD> <td><img src="http://nielsenins.net/wind-period.gif"border=0 WIDTH=20 HEIGHT=28></Td> <TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/longtermcare.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/LTC-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>The many Federal and State tax advantages and Partnership Programs make Long Term Care insurance very affordable. We can help you design a plan that will protect your assets while staying within your budget. Let us show you how much things have changed in recent years.</H5></TD></TR> <TR><TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/business.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Truck.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>If you re part of the trucking industry and you re looking for the very best value and the most comprehensive service in trucking insurance, you ve Come to the Right Place! Our experienced team will assess your needs, and develop a comprehensive coverage program that fits your business to a  T .</H5></TD> <td><img src="http://nielsenins.net/wind-period.gif"border=0 WIDTH=20 HEIGHT=28></Td> <TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/life.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Life-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>Life insurance is the easiest and surest way to create an immediate estate for your family's needs. Whether you need Term or Permanent Life Insurance, we work with the top carriers so we can help you put together a plan that will fit your exact needs.</H5></TD></TR> <TR><TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/business.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Business-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>We provide primary property, general liability, workers' compensation and automobile insurance for commercial customers across a variety of industries. Get a business insurance quote and coverage to help protect your business and commercial vehicles.</H5></TD> <td><img src="http://nielsenins.net/wind-period.gif"border=0 WIDTH=20 HEIGHT=28></Td> <TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/disability.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Disability-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>A disability can put everything you ve worked for at risk. Protect the steady stream of paychecks that finance your and your family s lifestyle. Don t risk being without Individual Disability Income Insurance protection, the stakes are just too high!</H5></TD></TR> <TR><TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/recreation.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Recreation-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5> We work with recognized leaders in the recreational vehicle insurance industry. Take advantage of our competitive rates, many money-saving discounts and outstanding customer service. Whether you have a motorcycle, boat, camper, or 4 wheeler, we have the right product for you.</H5></TD> <td><img src="http://nielsenins.net/wind-period.gif"border=0 WIDTH=20 HEIGHT=28></Td> <TD><A HREF="https://www.spiritdental.com/get-a-quote?agent=001C000001btrZ7IAI#/quote"target="_blank"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Dental-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>Dental insurance products are available in a number of different plan designs. Benefits and costs are easily varied to meet your needs whether it's for a group or individual. Vision and hearing plans can also be included.</H5></TD></TR> <TR><TD><A HREF="http://nielsenins.net/crop.html"> <img src="http://nielsenins.net/Crop-Banner.gif"border=0 WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100></A></TD> <TD><H5>Together with our RCIS agent, we will help you find the coverage that s right for you, using powerful modeling tools that let you test variables in input costs and market prices. When your crop insurance is with RCIS, you'll have the peace of mind you need to concentrate on running your business. </H5></TD> <TD><img src="http://nielsenins.net/wind-period.gif"border=0 WIDTH=20 HEIGHT=28></TD> <TH COLSPAN=2><H6><DIV ALIGN=left>Stop in or call Nielsen Insurance today and we will help you select the insurance policies that provide the best protection for the least amount of cost.</H6></DIV></TH> </table> </Body></HTML>